Buy psilocybin Edibles Online As one of the most heralded and reputable edible brands in Canada, “Mushies” is a microdose edibles brand started on Westcoast British Columbia, serving high quality, artisanally crafted microdose edibles to Canadians throughout the nation. Their founding roots are embedded deeply in the magic mushroom microdosing and cannabis industry. Having experience working extracting psychoactive compounds laid the foundation of their brand, allowing Mushies to quickly grow to popularity since their launch in 2020. Products such as the Mushies Golden Teacher gummies are amongst one of the brand’s top-selling offerings right now.

Mushies Microdose Edibles are gelatin-based gummies crafted with extract from the Golden Teacher mushroom strain, and includes ingredients of corn syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, citric acid, psilocybin edibles distillate, flavours, colours, and canola oil.

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