I wrote about why I have decided to experiment with taking microdoses of LSD for 30 days. Here I’m going to start off by showing how you might get some LSD.

If you live in San Francisco, then getting LSD might be as easy as just paying a visit to the infamous Haight Street. But if you want a better idea of what exactly you’re buying, or aren’t living in San Francisco, then here is the process you might take:

The darknet

You may have heard of the ‘Darknet’ or ‘Dark Web’ already; the shadowy place where hackers sell Uber accounts and people buy child porn. The first definitely exists, the second is well hidden, and it’s overall just a giant database of websites that aren’t trackable or traceable by normal means. But there is accountability, which means that when you’re buying drugs from one of the dark marketplaces, people will leave reviews and ratings, very much like eBay. So when buying LSD here, it’s highly likely that it will live up to its reviews.

Prepare with a microdosing toolkit

While I waited for my LSD to arrive, I started getting my space prepared. There are differing opinions online, but the common factor seems to be testing the drugs to check they’re what they promised.

I bought the LSD test plus kit ($17.99) and a glass dropper ($3.99) for taking it.

The goal is to dilute the LSD into distilled water or vodka and then drop it on your tongue. I have lots of vodka, so that part was easy.